TechVision’s soundbathe on BBC1’s DIY SOS next week!

We’re excited to announce that DIY SOS Isle of Sheppey Big Build will be shown on BBC 1, Thursday 8th June at 8.55pm. We were delighted to install a soundbathe for this project.  Even better knowing the children are getting so much fun and benefit from their bluetooth sensory sound system.

This is the letter we received;


Well bath time in our house has never been so noisy and so much fun!!

Having a teenager in the house who LOVES music and baths, sure does make bath time a musical experience that the whole family has to listen too! H**** loves his bath (with speakers). H**** loves to be in the bath for hours and you’ll hear him the bathroom singing his heart out. Which usually means the rest of the house has to listen to him sing!

C***** our youngest son, loves the fact that he can not only hear the music but he can also feel it, through the vibrations!

I’m guessing the Beeb hasn’t given you a date, as we don’t know either. its just a waiting game.

We love the bath and its working perfectly.

Thank you for getting in touch, we really appreciate all your help and assistance in helping to get the house ready for us, its AMAZING!

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