Don’t just hear the music, but feel it too.  Transforms any bath into a bluetooth speaker, for a truly immersive experience.

The Sound-bathe works by transferring vibration energy, through your bath tub and converting the vibrations into sound waves.  This effect means that you not only hear the music, but you feel the vibrations too.  The experience has been described as that of being at a live concert.

Quick and easy to install, there’s no drilling of the bath required and once the bath panel has been fitted, you won’t even know it’s there. Simply take your Bluetooth-enabled device, i.e., smartphone or tablet and pair up with the system, before lying back and listening in amazement at how your bath is transformed into a giant speaker.

We installed a Sound-bathe for BBC1’s DIY SOS Big Build ‘Isle of Sheppey’ (aired 8th June 2017) and have receive a letter from the family saying how much their two sons are now enjoying bathtimes, listening to their favourite music and feeling the vibrations.


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