24 Inch Bathroom TV

This amazing 24 Inch LG Smart bathroom TV from Techvision

Techvision is pleased to announce the launch of their latest bathroom TV.

The Smart TV is made to be fitted at the end of your bath and our product is priced very competitively with an RRP of only £949.

Comes with wifi and all the apps, so you no longer have to get an unbranded bathroom tv and add a stick to get your apps!

24 Inch Bathroom TV
24 Inch Bathroom TV

Home Building and Renovating Show Harrogate

And the good news is we are launching it at the Home Building and Renovating Show Harrogate Friday 3 to Sunday 5 November 2023 Harrogate Convention Centre.

So if you would like to come and see it in action here is a link to some complimentary tickets

For more information about the show here is the Harrogate Show Website.

24 Inch LG TV

Just as you’d expect from one of the premium TV manufacturers, the LG 24TQ520S-PZ delivers class-leading picture quality. The HD screen has a superb dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and typical brightness at 250 cd/m2.

Comes with HDMI, Wifi, Network port, bluetooth and all the apps preloaded.

Waterproof TV Remote

The TV comes with its LG remote so you can get it set up correctly but we also provide you with a waterproof remote for normal use.

Glass information

The glass comes in black as standard but can be upgraded to a mirror for that extra finish.

The glass size is 420mm X 640 mm

Sound Systems

The 24 Inch LG can be connected by bluetooth or HDMI to your in house sound system.

However we offer some other sound system option if required.

Sound Bathe

Our exclusive sound system from Techvision. These marine transducers attach to the bottom of your bath and turn the bath in a massive speaker. Giving you a fully immersive experience and is amazing for watching your favorite movies.

Ceiling Speakers

Attach the TV to some 4 Inch ceiling speakers – great for playing your tunes on.


The kit is provided with a metal Backbox that is easy to install and makes a secure housing for the TV.

The TV is front loaded so is easy to get in and out if needed.

The backbox is 70mm X 380mm X 590mm


The tv is 12 volts and comes with an LG transformer.


Two years warranty from LG

Trade Discount

If you work in the Bathroom trade please get in touch to talk about setting put a Trade Account.

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