Samsung “The Frame” TV in a Kitchen Splashback or Bathroom Mirror TV

We updated our Kitchen splashback and Bathroom Mirror TV.

Samsung the Frame TV

We are now fitting Samsung the Frame TV as standard in all our Bathroom TVs and our Kitchen Splashbacks. This is a great upgrade from our previous models as it not only offers a Smart QLED UHD TV  and WIFI connectivity. It also comes with the “One Connect Box” making it really easy to install.

TV Size

The TV is currently available in 32 inch, 43 inch 50 Inch, 55 Inch and 65 Inch.

Kitchen Splashback TV

This fabulous TV sits discreetly behind a toughened glass kitchen splashback, providing an unobtrusive, sleek solution for a kitchen TV.

The unit sits on the work top and beneath any cupboards. The ends of the unit are then capped to provide a neat finish.

Splashback Glass

Glass sizes are bespoke, made to customer requirements and available as a Dark Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Smoked Black glass effect, all giving the kitchen a very modern look.

Glass Size

Our Standard size is up to 2 sqm (1000mm X 2000mm.) But if you want something else just give us a ring.


Comes with 2 Ceiling speakers but can also connect with bluetooth to your sound system.

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV – TubTainment by Techvision.

Bathroom mirror tv

Our bathroom TVs sit discreetly behind heated, toughened glass screens, in a range of finishes, to blend in with your bathroom design. All our TVs are SMART TVs, so you can stream all your favourite online shows.

Bathroom TV Glass

Is available in Silver Dielectric glass, giving the bathroom a very modern look.

Glass Size

Start at 500mm X 790 and go up to 1000mm X 2000m. Give us a ring if you want something a different size – it’s not a problem!


Our sound system works by transferring vibration energy, through your bathtub and converting the vibrations into sound waves. This effect means that you not only hear the sound, but you feel the vibrations too. The experience has been described as that of being at a live concert.

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