Infiniti TV

Enjoy hotel luxury in your own home with this stylish TV.

This contemporary model has been used in exclusive hotel projects around the World.

The new 17” version offers a  high-bright LED screen, superior viewing angle and a choice of finishing strips to match your décor.  This model was designed with ease of installation set as a priority.

No back box is required and the TV simply recesses into a cavity in the wall just 40mm deep.  Stainless steel trims complete the installation creating this modern design.

This TV has a high bright 17.3 inch LED screen and is available with clear glass (black border) or grey style mirror finish.
If you experience any problems with your TV, please: Firstly use the guides provided.
Contact your dealer, from whom you purchased your product and ask them to get in touch with us. Contact us via e-mail, stating the problem and ensure that you leave a contact name and telephone number. We will endeavour to call you back that day.

Problems with your aerial reception:

If you find that you are not receiving all of the freeview channels, please consult a qualified aerial installer, who will be able to check the reception in your area and ensure that you have an adequate aerial installed.