32 Inch Bathroom Mirror TV Review

“I was in the process of getting a new bathroom when my fitter asked if I had see a bathroom TV before. He had just seen Techvision at a show in harrogate. I said no and asked him to give them a ring!

We ordered a 32″ Samsung the frame TV with “Vanity Mirror Glass” to go at the end of the bath. They sent us backbox and the cables straight away so they could be put in place first and then a couple of weeks later we got the TV and Mirror. And it just slotted into the backbox!

All I can say is that it’s amazing, we all love it. Quality product and quality service. Well done! “

Greg S

Standard End Of Bath 32 Inch Samsung QLED Mirror TV

The 32 inch is fitted with a “Samsung the Frame” TV are supplied with the metal housing and the Mirror.

The “Samsung the Frame” TV comes with the “One Connect box” (from samsung) and means there is only one cable to the TV.  This cable not only let you connect HDMI but also includes the power making it very easy to install.

The Sound System is connected to the TV and comes with a pair of ceiling speakers.

But if that’s not enough, the system can also be fitted with our amazing Soundbathe. A set of bath traducers that turns the bath in to a speaker! and means you can not only here the sound but feel it too.

The sound and the vision can all be controlled with the splashproof remote control that we supply with the System.

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